Friday, 26 June 2015

The Selection Trilogy Q&A Review W/ AlejandrasMusings

Friday, 26 June 2015
In April the lovely Alejandra @ Alejandras Musings and I did a buddy read of The Selection Trilogy together and it was a wonderful experience. We wanted to do a Q&A review so we set about asking each other questions about the trilogy. Head over to Ales blog and see which questions she answered about the books.

Warning: may contain spoilers for the trilogy.

Which one is your favorite book out of the three of the series we read?

Oh, definitely The One! I think that it was the one book in which the love triangle wasn't as infuriating and also had some kind of action. It was a lot more intense in The One compared to The Selection and The Elite with the rebel groups as well as the king just being an asshole.

Just by reading The Selection, were you Team Maxon or Team Aspen?

Maxon! I can't stand Aspen at the best of times. And Maxon is my BABY. MY LOVE. MY PRINCE.

Favorite competitor of The Selection?

I absolutely loved Celeste. I know she was played off as the 'bitch' but to me she was one of the only girls who had a bit of spunk and personality. I adored Celeste. Even more so during The One.

Favorite moment between Maxon and America (counting ALL 3 BOOKS, HAHAHAHAH *evil laugh*)

For some reason this isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be when I saw this. Without a doubt, hands down, my favourite moment is when Maxon and America wind up in the bunker on their own after they were seperated during a rebel attack. They had a really deep conversation and a lot of angst gets resolved. Also Maxon broke my heart in that scene.

If you could have any part/chapter of our beloved story from Maxon’s POV, which one would you choose? (Just one)

Oooh! I want to see the moment he rounds the corner and sees America and Aspen together. I'd love to know what was going on in his mind during that moment!

When thinking of The Selection as a film, who do you imagine as Prince Maxon?

The first actor that came to mind was Alex Pettyfer but I think he's too old now to play the Prince. Either Ansel Elgort or Dylan O'Brien would make a good Maxon! Throw in Richard Harmon to play a side character (NOT Aspen) and I'm set.

What moment do you feel most robbed of since the end of The One?

Maxon and America becoming parents! Maxon and America learning how to look after a toddler! Maxon looking at America and seeing her with their baby and him becoming so overwhelmed with it all. Maxon's wall mostly changing to pictures of America and their baby. Maxon being a dad, basically.

(Ignoring the fact that The Elite has released) If Keira Cass were to write a book after The Selection which of the characters (aside from Maxon and America) which two characters would you like to have a recurring role?

Celeste and Marlee! Don't look at me like that. A girl wants what a girl wants.


  1. OMG knowing what Maxon was thinking when he saw America and Aspen ahhhh! Imagine that, I would start his chapter from there and then continue till the rebel attack, because he was kind of an asshole, so rude to her. I'd LOVE to know what he was thinking.

    REMEMBER THEY HAD TWINS NATALIE OMGGGGGG. Maxon adding photos of their babies to his walls kbsdkabdkjbasda.


    Ohhhhh I didn't love Celeste until The One but it would definitely be interesting since she was in the entertainment industry and she had a whole drama going on. And Marlee OMG yes! :(

    LOVED THIS WE NEED TO DO ANOTHER ONE!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaase :)

    1. He was probably like 'I hate you America. No I don't, I love you, You're still my favourite, Why'd you break my heart, I HATE YOU AMERICA, I'm sorry America'.

      deuibgjvfsbigrbghojbdjkfbgrjb IT'S TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART.