Saturday, 6 June 2015

More Things That Make My Feminist Heart Beat A Little Faster.

Saturday, 6 June 2015
I said that I'd be back with a Part Two to my first 'Things That Make My Feminist Heart Beat A Little Faster' post and here it is. I hope you're as excited as I am.

Nicki Minaj -
Nicki, oh Nicki. Nicki Minaj is a business woman and she is damn good at what she does. She's one of the best rappers in the genre that is heavily fixated on men, she's been in a movie, she has a line of perfumes, she's incredible. Nicki Minaj is out there and she is killing it and she doesn't give a fuck what you think about it. Nicki is constantly pointing out everyday sexism that often get's looked over, she is constantly telling people that she is going to be who she wants to be and that isn't anyone's choice but her own. In a world full of slut-shaming Nicki has reclaimed her sexuality and loves to tell her fans that education is important. Is Nicki a bad role model? Hell no - but it's still not her job to parent your kids for you.

Blue Sargent -
Blue, my darling Blue. Blue has never let a boy rule her life, not that she's ever had a choice really. Actually, this one goes out to the whole clan at 300 Fox Way. These women are absolutely incredible. They're psychics and have had to deal with people doubting them and what they do for their whole lives, but they've managed to find themselves and each other and they could not give a shit what people think of them. Blue obviously inherited her feminist ways from her mother and it's glorious. Here I'll share with you the Blue moment that really cemented my love for this incredible woman (as if it even needed cementing in the first place).

From outside the car, Blue's voice rose. "How would you feel if I reduced you to your legs?" Adam and Noah craned to look out the back window. Blue's voice came again. "No. No. How about you see it my way? How about you don't reduce me to a commodity and then, when I ask you not to, tell me it's a compliment and I should be glad for it?" - credit to Sana for finding the chapter that this quote is in.

Like A Girl -
I remember this ad coming before a YouTube video that I was about to watch and for a second I was filled with so much anger and then the thing happened. This is everything that I could've done with when I was a young girl. 'Like A Girl' is a phrase that belittles women and can also stop young men from doing things that they enjoy because it's not 'masculine' enough. If you haven't seen this advert, you need to watch it now and if you have seen it then let's all cry together because FINALLY someone get's it.

Laci Green -
Laci you wonderful human being. Laci is a beacon of hope in such a misogynistic, transphobic, racist, ableist world. If you've never seen or even heard about one of her YouTube videos then you probably haven't witnessed a glory quite like Laci Green. Laci educates her viewers on sex education and all things feminism with a particular focus on Rape Culture and Slut Shaming. She is hilarious, talented, well educated and informed and I really could've done with her videos when I was first learning about women and who I was.

Links to videos I think you should check out (but really you should just watch all of them):

- Creeps on the street
- Embarassing Sex Stories
- WTF Happened In Steubenville
- Dress Code Sexism
- Squirting 101
- She Asked For It
- The Sex Talk: 10 Tips
- Elliot Rodger: More Than A Madman
- Transgender Adventure
- Wanna Have Sex? Consent 101
- Sex With Disabilities

Celaena Sardothien -
All Hail Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, my Queen. Honestly, Celaena is the reason all of this started. I wanted to write about how much I loved Celaena but I couldn't dedicate a whole post to it so instead it became this. Celaena Sardothien is the best assassin that Adarlan has ever seen, she will slit your throat and do it while trying not to get blood on her new dress because trust me, it's pretty and it's expensive. She will train with you and then lead you away to make out with you in a closet. She will run until she pukes and then she will get up the next morning and do it all over again. She will be in a competition to be the King's Assassin and she will complain about not getting to go to any balls because of it. She will eat as much as she wants, and read as much as she wants, and shop as much as she wants and she will not give a single fuck about it. She will set the world on fire because she is Celaena Sardothien and Celaena Sardothien does not believe in your 'feminine does not equal badass' bullshit.

Beyonce -
Beyonce is a self proclaimed feminist. Beyonce is a woman of colour. Beyonce is a business woman. Beyonce is worth $440 million at the age of 33. Beyonce has won 20 Grammy Awards, as a solo artist she has sold over 15 million albums in the US and over 75 million records worldwide. Beyonce is also a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife and has dedicated a huge part of her life to philanthropy. Personally, I don't listen to Beyonce's music but I can't deny that she is not an inspiring, incredible woman who still has so much left of her life to live and she has already done so much. Beyonce is yet another woman who has reclaimed her sexuality and who has no qualms about shutting down people who belittle her or shame her for it. "I don't, at all, have any shame about being sexual and I'm not embarassed about it, and I don't feel like I have to protect that side of me because I do believe that sexuality is a power that we all have."


  1. NICKI MINAJ IS SO FABULOUS I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY SHE DOESNT GET MORE CREDIT SHE IS AMAZING. And I hate the people who are like oh she's not a feminist because look at her, she's always dancing provocatively in her music videos. First that is not any of your business and second, owning your sexuality is feminism and I love that Nicki Minaj does that unashamedly and that she takes the time to educate others about that. She is honestly everything I hope to be one day. Like fiercely confident and proud of who I am and unafraid to do what I want.

    But yeah basically I love Nicki Minaj a whole ton or oranges so it pleased me to no end to see her on your list. ((along with all the fabulous amazing women you have here))


    I don't give a crap what Nicki does with her body. While it might not be everyone's cup of tea to watch, she's allowed to do whatever she wants and say whatever she wants. Most people can't see past her videos but really, like in the interview above, she's such a smart woman who's also really kind. And no duh it isn't her job to police other kids.

    1. She's an incredible woman. I have so much undying respect for her.

  3. I'm uncomfortable with Nicki Minaj's videos, but I do acknowledge that hell yeah, she's owning feminism. She's so vocal about education and consent and just all around awesome, and she's owning being a woman in rap. Get out, Iggy Azalea.

    And that Like a Girl video looks so good. I don't usually trust adverts, especially if it's Dove or some beauty product. You really expect me to like your feminist video when the whole point of your business is making women feel that they're not beautiful? :/

    And oh, Beyonce. Flawless is my power song.

    1. HAHAAH! I know right? It's like they try to pull of a video about feminism and owning yourself and then it's like 'oh but you have to buy this so you can be beautiful for your boyfriend/husband/potential suitors OH AND DON'T FORGET TO SHAVE'

  4. Can I marry you!? Honestly I adore these posts. I remember I started talking to you thanks to the first one so I hold it close to my heart, haha. And now there is a second one and I love it just as much! I don't listen no Nicki's music but that is irrelevant because I love her personality, she is such an inspiration. I love her and Miley Cyrus. The Like A Girl campaign is amazing?? I remember not understanding its meaning at first so I wasn't happy about it at first and then I was like Ohhhhhh okay, I get it now! lol

    Haven't watched any of Laci Green's video, shame on me. But I will as soon as I am done visiting blogs, I would love to do that. Seriously. Although, I do feel like I need more education in these topics in order to talk about them.

    I have just started the second book, Crown of Midnight so I hope to fall in love with Celaena Sardothien since I didn't really do it in the first book? Uh ohhhh. And Beyoncé, yesssss! I don't really listen to her music either, but wow what an inspiration. She does it all! Don't think I will ever be as fab as she is but one can dream, right?

    Btw I Love that she included a bit of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's speech in her song Flawless!


    1. I adore writing these posts so I guess it's good for both of us ;)

      You will fall head over heels in love with Celaena, I'd bet on it.