Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Reading Challenges And The Challenges That Come With Them.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Okay...It's a little more difficult than I imagined. This is the first year that I'm doing a reading challenge and I really, REALLY don't want to fail but I feel like it is putting pressure on my reading and not necessarily in a good way. I'm not going to quit the challenges, I'm not one to quit halfway but there is something I need to address and ask you guys? Maybe? It's a tiny favour.

When choosing the categories for the 105 reading challenge I thought that it would be fun to have a buddy reading category. I've never done a buddy read before and I thought that it'd be cool and a good way for me to make some more friends in the book blogging community, except I didn't think of the fact that it meant I'd actually have to set up a buddy read. It's a bit nerve-racking actually, which was something I didn't count on. Here's a few problems I've thought up (I spent half a day thinking about everything that could go wrong when organising a buddy read):
  • I'd have to ASK someone if they want to do a buddy read with me. That is not something that would be easy for me to do. What if they REJECT me? What if they LAUGH at the idea and then throw tomatoes at me while I'm in nothing but my underwear. 
  • Choosing the book. It'd have to be a book that we both haven't read. It'd have to be a book that we both haven't read and we both want to read. It could possibly have to be a book that we both haven't read and that we both want to read and that we both own. What if we can't find a book that fits all of that criteria? That means that one or both or all of us would have to purchase the book, but what if we don't have the money right then to purchase the book. Do you see what I mean?
Those are all I've thought of (I said I spent half a day thinking about it, I didn't say that there were a lot of problems) and I've decided that no I'm not going to change the category. I'm going to get on my blog and write a post asking my readers if any of them would like to buddy read with me (I'm willing to purchase a new book if you are - just, please don't throw tomatoes at me). If you too have a challenge to do a buddy read or if you just think it'd be something fun to do then please DM me or tweet me here or if Tumblr is your chosen form of social media you can inbox me over there but if you prefer the more traditional route then my email is over in my contact information. Please don't leave me hanging...that would be embarrassing.


  1. omg I don't have to do a buddy read for any challenge but um hell yeah it'd be fun to do!!!!! THIS IS HAPPENING NATALIE. I'M MAKING IT HAPPEN.

  2. I understand what you are trying to say here and the idea of setting up a buddy read sounds kind of terrifying to me too BUT there's no need to overthink and panic. You will find someone. No one will throw tomatoes at you I promise.

    1. So far no one has thrown tomatoes at me, I believe you. Thank you.