Saturday, 7 March 2015

February Wrap Up

Saturday, 7 March 2015
AKA. Month of the slump.

I hit a pretty bad reading slump in February and while I was disappointed that it came so early into the year I didn't want to fight it so I wasn't forcing myself to read if I didn't want to. Half Term was in February so I spent some of that time hanging out with friends and I even went to a gig which was really fun and the band were amazing! I went up to Southbank since they were doing a children's book festival so I wanted to check that out but we didn't end up doing anything for it we just brought some books at the stall that is next to the river and went for lunch at pizza express. I wanted to go to Holly Smale's talk (The author of Geek Girl) but we missed it since we were busy eating pizza (oops).

The Dream Thieves: This book was even better than the first one. It was hilarious, intense, made me cry a few times and I became extremely attached to Gansey. If you're hesitant about reading this series, don't be. The synopsis doesn't match up to the book in any way and I promise that you won't regret it. Full review here. 5/5 Stars.

All Fall Down: I really enjoyed this book. Ally Carter wrote one of my favourite series: Gallagher Girls so I knew that I would love anything written by her and this didn't let me down. It was exciting, fast paced and of course left you without a clue about who you can trust. 4/5 Stars.

All The Bright Places: Oh My God. All The Bright Places is an incredible story. It was poetic and beautiful and tragic and just lovely. I feel like I had put all of my heart into this book and by the time it was over I was just completely emotionally spent. Finch grew to feel like a best friend to me and I honestly felt like I was a part of their wanderings. All The Bright Places meant so much to me, not because I've been remotely through either of their experiences but because I saw a piece of myself in every character and yes, it was hard to read at times but it's such a clever, wonderful book and I'm so glad that I read this. 5/5 Stars.

  • Towards the end of February I found myself listening to the 'Four' album a lot more than I did when it was first released and I've also been listening to my own playlists that you can find on my 8tracks (my fave is the Bellarke playlist but the TMI one is a close second). 
  • I finished watching Gossip Girl which is probably the biggest achievement of my life to date.
  • I started and finished watching The 100 (in less than a week) and it's SO good. I'm in LOVE with the whole show. It has kick ass women, kick ass men, kick ass characters, kick ass fighting scenes, a very emotional reunion scene (yes i'm talking about the HUG) and ships that will ruin your life (BELLARKE 4EVA). The finale is in March and I'm extremely excited but I'm also dreading it.
  • I'm still watching Pretty Little Liars which is getting better and a lot more intense as it usually does towards the finale.
  • After I finished The 100 I decided to start on Teen Wolf which I'm still watching but I'm on the last season and IT'S SO GOOD AND SO ADDICTING. I didn't expect to like it as much as I have but  it's not as cheesy as The Vampire Diaries can be (although it's still pretty cheesy). 

"The great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone different to everybody"  All The Bright Places

I shared all of the books that I had brought/acquired recently in one huge haul. My January Wrap Up was far more magnificent than this one is, I can gurantee that. I shared some Mini Reviews in a post that I keep forgetting I've written. I tried not to rant and failed about things that annoy me about characters and instead wrote a letter to authors explaining that I like it when characters are realistic and don't fall in love after ten pages. For valentines day I delved into the depths of my heart and ended up crying for 3 hours making this bellarke playlist for you 100 fans. I figured that I don't talk about the book boys I love quite enough already so I put them all into a post and tried not to fangirl. Note: TRIED. I started January with a review of the first book in this series and I ended February with the review of the sequel 'The Dream Thieves'.

Most popular post of the month (Comments): Fictional Boyfriend Tag in which I fangirl talk about all of the book (and TV) boyfriends I have. It gets emotional.

Most popular post of the month (Reads): Fictional Boyfriend Tag, obviously.


  1. I've been curious about Teen Wolf, I might need to give it a shot any time soon. First I'm going to try to finish some series I've started a while back. I also really enjoy The 100. It's gruesome and I love most of the characters. Good job on finishing Gossip girl!

    1. The first season is terrible so if you ever get around to it don't let that get you down hahaha.