Thursday, 5 March 2015


Thursday, 5 March 2015

One of my favourite things about reading books is reading the dedications and getting a glimpse into who has either influenced the story in some way or who is important to the author. I saw a video like this on YouTube so I wanted to take apart my bookshelves and share with you all some of my favourite dedications.

The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

"To Esther Earl"

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

"For all the people who have infected me with amor deliria nervosa in the past
- you know who you are.
For the people who will infect me in the future
- I can't wait to see who you'll be.
And in both cases:
Thank you."

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

"For Michael, who took down the walls"

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

"For Susan - 
best friends until we're nothing but dust.
(And then some.)"

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

"Again, for Susan -
whose friendship changed my life for the better
and gave this book its heart."

All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven

"For my mother,
Penelope Niven,
my brightest place of all"

Skin Deep - Laura Jarratt

"For Mum, who taught me to read and so gave me the key
to a bottomless casket of treasure."

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

"For Jennifer, who always had an extra lightsaber"

Die For Me - Amy Plum

"This is for you, Mom. I miss you every day."

City of Glass - Cassandra Clare

"For my mother
'I only count the hours that shine.'"

It's Kind of A Funny Story - Ned Vizzini

"To my mom
You knew you'd get one sooner or later,
and seeing as they're so hard to do, I figured we'd 
better make it sooner. I love you."

Geek Girl: Picture Perfect - Holly Smale

"For my Dad.
My rock. My hero. My Richard."

Seige and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

"For my mother,
who believed even when I didn't."


  1. So beautiful dedications!
    My favorite were Jennifer Niven's and Crown of Midnight's *-*

    1. Yes! I love Crown of Midnight's although I think my favourite one is Fangirl's, it just fits the book so well. And Ned Vizzini's is heartbreaking.

  2. I love dedications so much. I like to read them for the same reason I like to read acknowledgements: I love knowing who helped/inspired the author.

    I think the dedications in A Series of Unfortunate Events are my favourite though. They're all dedicated to Beatrice and so so hauntingly beautiful. I think there's a tumblr post somewhere (googling it now...)

    OK BACK. found it ( I don't know if you've seen them already but aren't those the most beautiful dedications ever? They break my heart every time.

    1. Also Sarah & Susan = friendship goals

    2. Those are beautiful! I hadn't seen them before but now I think I'll have to include them in the second part of this post :)

      hahaha if my best friend doesn't dedicate a book to me then I'm doing something wrong ;)

  3. Ahhhh these give me so many author feels <3 I adore the ones for Susan and Sarah - they're friendship is incredible!

  4. I'm not sure which dedication is, but I think it's by Leigh Bardugo. It had, "Tell me some lies" in it and that was so lovely.

    1. That does sound really lovely. At the minute I only own Siege and Storm but as soon as I get the other books that'll be on my Part 2 post :)