Monday, 1 August 2016

Things I've Been Loving: June + July Edition

Monday, 1 August 2016

I wish I didn't have to start every post lately with 'Sorry it's been so long' but in order for that to happen I need to fix up my own game and actually get to posting more frequently. I completely missed June's favourites so to make up for it I'm combining June and July into one post. Don't forget to let me know your own favourites below!

Book (June): Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and Heist Society by Ally Carter
A few of my favourite books from June were actually rereads but there are two first reads for me that earned a 5 star rating and those were Someone Like You and Heist Society. Someone Like You completely surprised me. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did, considering I really don't enjoy any sort of pregnancy plot but the book gripped me right from the start and it ended up being the perfect pool read. Heist Society was another book that surprised me, but then I almost expected it. Ally Carter has a way of writing books that always leaves me wanting more and I absolutely adore it. Gallagher Girls is one of my favourite series purely because of how exciting and witty it is and I can tell that Heist Society is on it's way up there too.

Book (July): Made For You by Melissa Marr
This one definitely has to be Made For You by Melissa Marr. I have a very new and a very strong love for mystery novels ever since I read Dangerous Girls and I'm still finding my feet in the genre but, my god was Made For You brilliant. Granted, it wasn't that difficult to guess who was doing it all and what was happening but it still provided an absolutely fantastic and gripping read.

Product: Prints
I haven't really purchased anything in these past two months because I've been saving for a trip to Switzerland so there isn't much that I can put into this category by way of my spending money but two of my friends gave me late birthday presents in June and it's safe to say that my friends know me very, very well. Georgia got me a print that says 'all you need are books and tea' and Aimee also got me a print (as well as a sweet peach candle which I am too in love with to burn) that has a quote from Peter Pan that reads 'Should we go on an adventure now or shall we have our tea first?'. I'm so excited to put these up in my new uni room and make it feel more like home.

Movie: Burnt
I saw Tarzan and a few other movies in the past two months and I loved them all (especially Tarzan) but I wanted to give a special shout out to the film Burnt starring Bradley Cooper because I had never heard of it but it's based in London and is about a chef and honestly it's brilliantly intense and you should all watch it.

TV Show: Scream and Mr Robot
Scream is back and in full swing and I am absolutely loving it. I marathoned the first season at the end of last year and I absolutely fell in love (despite absolutely hating the franchise due to extreme stress and anxiety when faced with masks). Watching this season week by week, however, has given me the chance to become even more enraptured with everything that happens and leaves me stressing over countless hours about who the killer could be. I also finally got around to watching Mr Robot and like everyone promised me it did not disappoint. I ended up finishing the first season after one (very intense and confusing) day and it's safe to say that Rami Malek is a GENIUS.

Music: Nothing to Note
Nope. Still nothing. Music has just been lacking for me lately and I'm eagerly awaiting Shawn Mendes' new album. However, Girls Talk Boys by 5SOS is an absolute JAM.

Event (June): Mexico
I've mentioned it so many times now that you probably all know I finally stepped outside of Europe and went to Mexico for a family wedding. I was anxious about it because, like I said, I've never been that far from home before but I ended up having the time of my life. It was so nice to experience a different culture and to spend time with family I hadn't seen in around 10 years. It was also a great chance to recuperate after a long, hard and stressful year.

Event (July): Grumpy Cat
Yes, I met Grumpy Cat. Yes, it made my entire life. No, I don't have a single regret.


  1. I was organizing the hall closet, which houses all of my significant other's DVDs, and I discovered he purchased Burnt (a while ago, and it's still in the wrapper. He's an impulsive DVD shopper). I thought it was a pretty random buy since I cannot imagine there are any fight scenes in it... Perhaps I should make him watch it with me this weekend!

    1. If it helps get him to watch it then I can confirm that there are actually a few fight scenes! But either way, I'd still say watch it because it was brilliant.

  2. I haven't read or watched anything on your lists but I do have Burnt on my watchlist so that's something, right? OH. And I have read Heist Society and it as great, really need to continue that series and probably read Heist Society again because LOL shit memory.

    I'm still deciding if I want to start Mr. Robot anytime soon because I'm currently buried under so many shows.

    P.S. The blog design is so pretty!

    1. Ahhhhhh! Watch Burnt! Honestly, it was so good. And that's coming from somebody whose movie watchlist consists of Starstruck and Lemonade Mouth 20x over.

      Do it! You'll probably end up flying through it in no time at all and the only thing you'll be wasting is away in your bed.

      P.S. Thank you!!