Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Favourite Books of 2016 (So Far)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

While I'm aware that this post would have been more suited to go up midway through the year, no one has ever said that I'm the most organised person in the world so we're going to roll with this. I also felt like I hadn't really spoken enough about the books that I've been loving this year and I want to thrust them into your (un)willing hands and tell you to take care of my babies.

Panic is a book that I read towards the beginning of my year due to my TBR Jar. I'd been putting it off because I'd seen some really scathing reviews and was apprehensive however, much to my delight, I ended up absolutely loving the book. I found that it was thrilling and left me on the edge of my seat craving more. I don't know if any of you have heard of the TV Show Fear Factor that used to air but its like that, except YA and I loved every minute of it. If you love rushes of adrenaline then this is definitely one for you.

World Book Day is something that I always get excited for. Mostly because my mum works in a school and it's easy for her to grab me some tokens. This year, however, I was doubly excited for it because Rainbow Rowell released a book as part of the campaign. And that book is probably the most entertaining and infuriating book that I've ever read. Kindred Spirits is the type of book that I will tell everyone and their mother about and when they find out it's only 20 or so pages they reply with "Well, how good can a 20 page book be, Natalie?". Real fucking good, it would seem. Kindred Spirits left me with the same feeling that Fangirl did, and it seems to be a feeling uniquely related to the way that Rainbow Rowell writes YA novels, and above all, a feeling that I will never get tired of. If you get the chance, get your hands on this gem, because you won't regret it. (Also, it's about Star Wars, so......).

Everyone has those books that they see floating around the blogosphere and they are desperate to read but can't find a copy anywhere but then finally they spot it in their local waterstones with a half off mark because it's got a small rip in the back cover. That for me was MosquitolandMosquitoland is unlike any other book that I've read. The book deals with Mental Health in a way that I haven't seen yet in YA and it's a book that I will cherish. It left me feeling warm inside but also with a hollowness that only comes with the books that strip you bare.

This wouldn't be a favourites list without me mentioning Me Before You. I sobbed my heart out for the entirety of this book and it still makes me weepy when I think about it. That, for me, is enough to make it a favourite. Not to mention the absolutely wonderful writing that comes along with it.

Made For You, holy hell, Made For You. What a book, Ladies and Gents! I've been having a sordid love affair with Mysteries that started last year (please don't tell my loyal, long-term partner YA Contemp) and Made For You just made it that much more juicy. (Seriously though, if you have any mystery recommendations, please comment them down below because I need more!)


  1. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. MYSTERY/THRILLER FANCLUB PRESIDENT RIGHT HERE *WAVES POMPOMS* I really enjoyed Made For You when I read it earlier this year, and I totally get why it is on this list of yours. If you are looking for good mystery/thrillers, just head to my Goodreads shelf for them and arrange by rating. But seriously, if you have not read Dangerous Girls yet, then you 100% need to. It is HANDS DOWN my favourite mystery/thriller I have ever read, and it is just all the yes. Especially since it's a bi book *more pompom waving*

    Can you believe I haven't read Kindred Spirits yet? :O I actually managed to get one of the last available copies to by on Wordery *smug grin* Which I am obviously really happy about. But everyone cries because it is so good and yet so short, so I am scared.

    I hope you find even more amazing books to read in the rest of 2016! :D <3

    1. Actually Dangerous Girls was the book that got me into the genre and I think it will forever be my favourite just because it was SO DAMN GOOD. Faultless, some may say.

      You really should read Kindred Spirits, it's bittersweet because it is so short but it really packs a punch. And at the end you're halfway between satisfied by it and just needing more. Read it, honestly.

      Thank you!!