Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Things I've Been Loving: May Edition

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hey guys, It's been a while. I've been sort of AWOL during the whole of May due to finishing up with college and just being super weighed down with tragic amounts of work that I had to complete. It's all done now and I am finished with college FOREVER so expect loads of posts from me this summer. Like I said, nothing really exciting happened this month so this post will probably be a bit minimal.

Book: N/A
I'm very sad to say that I have not completed a single book this month. I've been reading The Moon and More throughout the month but because I've been so busy it has taken me forever to complete it.

Product: My Beautiful Bomber Jacket/NYX Cosmetics
As it was my birthday I decided that it was time to treat myself to a jacket that I've been lusting over for what feels like forever. I rarely spend over £30 on anything so it was definitely a big decision. However, I couldn't be happier with it because it is the prettiest jacket on earth. While we're on the line of birthday gifts, two of my friends got me some products from NYX which is a company that I've been crying over since I exited the womb and they did not disappoint. I'm in love with the Soft Matte Lip Cream. It feels so soft on the lips an is just so comfortable to wear. Not to mention how bloody amazing it smells.

Movie: The Jungle Book
We went to see The Jungle Book and it was everything that I expected it to be and more. I couldn't escape the thought that this is one of the best examples of storytelling that I've seen in a huge amount of time. Mowgli was so GOOD and I'm still in shock that everything felt so real and intense.

TV Show: Glee/Cheerleaders
Since I was so down and stressed with all of the work I had to do for college I decided to start rewatching Glee to help me wind down at the end of the night. Bad idea. I can't get through a single episode without crying. I also stumbled across a show on YouTube called Cheerleaders and I am absolutely addicted. I have a strange obsession with anything that has anything to do with cheerleading so seeing it in this light is incredible and also scary.

Music: 7/27 - Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony released their new album and I love it so damn much. I have a great love for Fifth Harmony and a certain Lauren Jauregui so I'm so happy that I love their new album (I didn't vibe their first album as much). My favourites are probably Write On Me, Not That Kinda Girl, That's My Girl, Dope and Scared of Happy.

Event: My Birthday/Finishing College
I'm excited and a little nervous to finally be 19. Although I'll admit that it doesn't feel too different than 18. I finally finished college and it's a huge weight off my shoulders! I've been so unhappy studying there and doing a subject that I don't enjoy that now it feels too good to be true that I'm actually done with it all.


  1. ahhh i missed your birthday natalie :( so happy belated 19th! that's exciting! also yay about college! and THE JUNGLE BOOK. i saw that movie too and it's probably one of the best movies i've seen in a while. the cgi was fantastic and i love the actor who played mowgli! also there were some seriously intense scenes that had me kinda scared so that was fun!

    have a good june natalieeeee <3

    1. Thank you!! The Jungle Book was absolutely brilliant and so stunning too! Yes, hahaha, there were definitely times that I was a bit scared too.

      I hope you also have a good June, Annie!! <3

  2. Happy belated birthday! :)
    I'm loving bomber jackets myself at the moment. The problem is I just spent £30 on one, and have now seen another that I like even more! I can't exactly justify buying two though :(

    1. Thank you!
      I'm actually gutted because I borrowed my bomber jacket to my sister while we were on the plane and she somehow managed to rip the sleeve :( hopefully it'll be an easy fix though!