Sunday, 3 January 2016

Books to Music: Troye Sivan Edition

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Back when Badlands dropped I posted a Books to Music feature that explained Halsey songs as books. I'm doing this again, except this time it's about 10x better because it's Troye Sivan ladies and gentlemen. That's right, I'm doing Blue Neighbourhood as Books.

There may be spoilers in the explanations so be careful when reading but I will put an extra warning on the particular ones that have spoilers.

There is only one word that I would use to describe this book and that is, quite aptly: Wild. Oliver, oh my god, Oliver is the dictionary defintion of wild. He's completely unhinged and he drags Chloe right into his mess. It's a beautiful disaster that only ends in damage. There's a lyric in this song which goes 'Too long to the weekend, too long till I drown in your hands" and for me that just sums up how Chloe feels about Oliver. She's addicted to him and the way he makes her feel, she knows that he's no good for her but she can't seem to help herself. 

I promised myself that I wouldn't let this post get too deep into my OTP's but apparently I'm not in the business of keeping promises because Bite is the reason that I cry every night. This could be a song for either Pynch or Blusey (since it's actually a song about Troye's first trip to a gay club) but I'm going for the typical 'Gansey wants to kiss Blue but he can't and it kills him every day' route. I mean, kiss me on the mouth and set me free? Does that not kill you? It kills me. 'Who's got any time for growing up?' not Gansey that's for sure. I can't believe I made this post. 

Also the song in general just has that sort of haunting, fairy tale vibe that really suits this book.

This Song Will Save Your Life really reminded me of making friends with people who you don't really fit in with at first. The group of friends that she stumbles into have all been friends for years and they get each other so it's difficult at first for Elise to feel like she belongs with them. That's what the chorus of Cool makes me think of. Those first uneasy weeks of a new friendship when you're trying everything you can to be someone that you think they will like instead of actually just being yourself. "I'm a spark and you're a boom" kind of reminds me of how I felt around a few of my friends at first, like they were so much infinitely cooler than I was and as a matter of a fact, the reason we're such good friends is because we're all super duper cool. The friendship in This Song Will Save Your Life is just one of the reasons why I loved it so much, and Cool describes the beginning of it so perfectly.

For Him is a love letter to someone in Troye's life and I'd be lying if I said it didn't remind of something that Simon would do for Blue, or vise versa, after all, it's exactly what they had been doing for months before Simon even realised that Blue was, well, Blue. 

Simon VS gave me ALL THE FEELS when I read it and whenever I listen to For Him I feel the same way. Like I need to cry and squeal and post 1000x tweets about it. I adore this song and I adore Simon and Troye adores whoever this song was written for and Simon and Blue adore each other and I adore everyone adoring everyone. 

If you doubt me, just listen to this song and think of Simon Vs and then come to me afterwards and tell me it doesn't sound exactly like an ode to Simon.

This song reminds me of Theodore. That's all I really want to say but I feel like I need to say more, to get my point across. Theo is a boy who spent all of his time comforting other people that I think he forgot he needed comforting himself. He wanted to put everyone else at ease, to make sure that they were okay, like Violet for instance. He took Violet as an opportunity to make sure that she was okay, that she would recover, that she wouldn't feel the same way that he does. The song opens with 'I'm down to my skin and bone' which perfectly reflects Theo throughout All The Bright Places because it's almost like he doesn't know what to do with himself. The book reads as if he's this raw human being who just feels so empty all the time. I love Ease. I love All The Bright Places. I'm sad.

Yes, there's another one. This one is even worse.

The whole of Lost Boy is ridiculously sad to me and it reminds me of that last night with Theo in All The Bright Places. It's quite clear throughout the story what Theo intends to do and yet he starts this thing with Violet who ends up breaking down her walls to connect with this boy. He got her to write again, and yet the readers can see that Theo isn't ready to do the same, and Theo knows this himself. Theo knows that he's not ready to settle down into normal life, he knows that it's not something he can do. He's influenced so many people in his life and yet he can't find the strength to help himself. He is, as the song is titled, a lost boy.

Heaven is such a beautiful song and it reminds me of Noah and his dealing with his sexuality as he was growing up. One of the first lyrics of the song is 'trying to save face, and daddy heartbreak, I'm lying through my teeth' which is all too reflective of Noah's relationship with his dad. They don't have anything in common no matter how hard they both try and it's not something that his dad is happy about because Noah isn't the son that he always dreamed of having.

As a kid, being gay or different wasn't something that Noah exactly tried to hide, but as he got older that all changed. In order to fit in at his school, Noah had to change who he was so that he could get on easy in life. And that's what Heaven is about. Noah would be sacrificing one part of himself, his sexuality, so that he would be able to live the simplest life.

This, for me, is a letter from Jude to Noah. This song has moved me to tears many times since it's release and now associating it to I'll Give You The Sun has only made it that much more beautiful to me.

Jude and Noah were so close at one point, inseparable, but they drifted away from each other as they grew older and things happened that caused a tension between the twins. That's what I think Blue is about. It's about someone trying their hardest to get the other person to stay with them, to not shut off completely. 'I know you see in black and white, so I'll paint you a clear blue sky' is so painfully stunning and so obviously Jude and Noah that I can hardly bear it.

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