Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Wrap Up

Saturday, 1 August 2015

There isn't much to wrap up this month. It's pretty much just been filled with binge watching TV shows, The Lunar Chronicles and lounging in the sun with said Lunar Chronicles (ok, one Lunar Chronicle).

I don't have much of note to talk about this month. With the last two being filled with my birthday, catching up with college work, going to theme parks and attending multiple concerts (and meeting said band members of said concerts), July has been an empty month. A month of relaxation. A month of detox. A month of nothing except going on holiday to a UK seaside for a week and then proceeding to say goodbye to my good friend, Georgia, who is leaving us all to study for a year in France (We did get up to some antics though - including sitting in Starbucks for 3 hours, fulfilling my lifelong dream that is Lush Oxford St and dancing in a photobooth in H&M because why else would you go to a photobooth in H&M?). I did get my college results back on the day that I arrived home from my break and I'm pretty pleased with what I got, all things considering. 

  • 5SOS released their new single 'She's Kinda Hot' this month and it has pretty much been the soundtrack to my soul ever since.
  • A band that has recently become one of my faves, Hey Violet, also released their first EP this month (on the same day as 5SOS actually) and it's been stuck on repeat. Sparks Fly may be one of my new fave songs ever. It honestly sounds like it should be in a move soundtrack.
  • I got back into Sense8 and ended up finishing & LOVING it.
  • I started Once Upon A Time and I'm completely in love with it but it has been slow watching.
  • I also started Orphan Black and although the first episode in intrigued me I'm not sure if I'll be continuing any time soon.
  • Started watching H20: Just Add Water again because I miss watching Kids TV. I missed Zane (and also, why aren't TV shows about mermaids more of a thing?)
  • I went to see Inside Out in the cinema and it was AMAZING. It made me want to cry (I was with my little cousin and her friends so I refrained - but the tears were there).
  • I also saw Ant-Man. It was funny. It was worth a watch. I love Paul Rudd too much.

"In the beginning there was nothing. And then there was everything" - Everything, Everything

I posted 3 reviews in July: 89 Walls', P.S. I Still Love You and End of Days.

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