Sunday, 1 May 2016

Things I've Been Loving: April Edition

Sunday, 1 May 2016
April was a very busy month, in the best possible way. I managed to get quite a bit of reading done, which I'd been slacking on in the previous months, this would be down to ARC April (which, admittedly, I was awful at) and then the readathon on the 23rd! I also got to see a lot of friends this month, due to a little thing that I'll get more into later, which I loved because I don't get to see some of my friends that often due to them not living super close to me. So, yes, all in all April was great, I loved it, and now I welcome May, my birth month, to come and top it.

Book: Far From You by Tess Sharpe
None of the books I read this month were 5 stars, but I read Far From You and its once again filling me with that need to read mystery and nothing but mystery. It was a great book and I really enjoyed it but I just wish that it had a little more thrill to it, that's all.

Product: Solstice Palette by Sleek
I finally caved, after a particularly hard day at college, and got the Solstice Highlight Palette by Sleek. It is one of, if not the most, beautiful highlight palettes that I've ever seen - and I've seen a few. All of the shades are so pigmented and so creamy and beautiful, it makes me want to cry. I cannot stop talking about it which just goes to show how incredible it is. It comes with a little brush, which I tried out and didn't like, the bristles are way too rough and coarse for it to do any good, but that's just a small downfall. Besides, it comes with a HUGE mirror so you don't even need to pack one when travelling.

Movie: Oldboy (Spike Lee, 2013)
We've had to watch both of the versions of Oldboy for college this month and while I don't really like the original version, I do really love the Hollywood remake. The plot is twisted and weird and more than a little confusing at points but I loved it anyway. If you haven't already, I recommend watching this film, even though it's been given so many bad reviews compared to the Korean version.

TV Show: Faking It and The 100
I started watching Faking It around 3 days ago and I've already caught up to the current episode. It's one of those shows that is so dramatic but so easy to watch. Aka, the shows that I get so caught up in it's like nothing else exists. The 100 has been really good in the last few weeks too, I haven't been loving the new season but these few episode have felt so much like season 1 and 2 that it's hard for me to not love them with aLL OF MY HEART.

Music: Don Broco!
Finally, I've FINALLY started listening to some new stuff this month. Don Broco were the openers for the 5SOS show that I went to in April so I decided that I should listen to a few songs so that I would know them by the time the show came around and it turns out that I Love Don Broco. So that's that.

Event: 5 Seconds of Summer and Troye Sivan
On the 15th April I headed up to Cardiff to see my one and only show of Sounds Live Feels Live, 5SOS' tour. I got to see all my pals and party to one of my favourite bands and it was just so much fun. No matter what I may say about 5SOS their shows are always my favourite part of anything they do because it's just so much fun to dance and sing and see everyone doing the same. Not to mention that they're also pretty good at live music. Me and two friends, Georgia and Aagya, also went to see Troye Sivan in London that same weekend. Words cannot explain how emotional I was in the moment that he walked out onto the stage. I burst into tears and would not stop crying for the first four songs. Troye has this effortless talent when he performs, it's so beautiful to see him on stage enjoying himself and doing what he loves. I can't even think about the show without wanting to weep a little.

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