Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Cinderella Book Tag

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this but I saw Chiara do this and I knew that it was a tag I wanted to do. Tag was created by Tiffany!

Evil Stepsisters: A book with characters you just hate.

I liked the book as a whole but I just couldn't stand the pretentiousness of the characters. Holy crap were they annoying.

Prince Charming: A book with a gentleman.

Frank from Since You've Been Gone was the first 'gentleman' that sprung to mind. He's just so cute and he'd follow Emily to the edge of the world helping her to achieve what she wanted.

Cinderella: A character that is graceful, kind and defiant.

Cammie! She graceful (although she has a clumsy side) and is always kind and respectful in the way she speaks. But don't you dare come between her and the ones she loves.

Fairy Godmother: Character that always has someone looking out for them.

Katniss has friends, supporters and family galore. They won't let her go down in flames, you can bet on that.

Helpful Creatures: Something that makes you happy when you're sad.

Everything about Fangirl cheers me up. Levi is my ultimate (contemporary) book boyfriend and Cath is my soul sister. Not to mention the adorable plot and everything in between. There is just something magical to me about Fangirl, from the minute I read the first page of this book - the first time - I knew it was love.

Ashes: A book you didn't care for.

I wanted, so badly, to love this book. It's a summer contemporary. That's usually the only thing I need to be able to love a book but Second Chance Summer just was NOT happening for me. I know it's a popular one so I'm prepared for this to be a controversial view - just don't shoot me.

Pumpkin: A character with a transformation.

Aelin makes such a huge transformation in Heir of Fire let alone throughout the rest of the series. A more physical transformation is the one she makes from Celaena to Aelin but she also changes so much in so many different ways and it's a beautiful thing to see. I feel like I've seen Aelin grow, I'm a proud mother.

Impossible: A book with an ending you didn't see coming.

I still hurt.

Just Breathe: Something that inspires you to be courageous.

Because Cinder is thrown in at the deep end. Because all of these characters have to embark on a journey that they didn't at all expect, that they didn't have a choice but to join and yet they do it with fervour. Because Cinder still has the courage to admit that although the thing she has to do, isn't something she wants to do, she still has to do it. Because she has the courage to cry, to try, to believe. If Cinder can do it, so can I.

Happily Ever After: A book with a perfect ending.

It's just beautiful. I cried like a baby.

I tag Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile and Crini @ All About Books but if you want to do this then I also tag you!


  1. i'm in love with your answers!! it was so fun reading and relating to them since i read almost all of these books. such a fun tag. i'm tempted to one myself, but there are so many tags i need to catch up on *sighs* xxx xandra @ twirling pages

    1. thank you xandra!!

      you should consider it! it was so much fun to do and i'd love to see what answers you'd choose for the questions! <3