Monday, 4 May 2015

Book Photography - Visual Week Day One.

Monday, 4 May 2015

I'm struggling. Lately I've been lacking inspiration and, honestly, the energy to write posts a couple of times a week. I've been heavily relying on Top Ten Tuesday to make sure that I even get more than one post up a week and that's not the way I want to do it. I was going to take a break, I was going to sit down and write a post about how I would be taking a break for a week or two from this blog but instead I thought - 'Hey, why not just take a break from the words.' so here I present to you: Visual Week.

The idea of this week is that I can still get content up, hopefully one post per day from Monday 4th (today) through to Monday 11th - but it will be entirely, or mainly, visual. This includes: book photography, bookstagram, book covers etc. I'm hoping that this will give me a chance to come up with some ideas of posts that will interest both you, as readers, and me as the writer once the week is over. Call it a detox of words if you will.

I like book photography - I love looking at it and I love taking it (even though I need to improve my skills quite a bit). Today on Day One of Visual Week I'm going to go through my instagram and share with you the best (in my opinion) book photos I've ever taken.

I just think this is a really cool picture. It took me a while to figure out how to get the book to stand up and then even longer to make sure that you couldn't see my arm in the mirror. I might like it purely because of the effort that went into it - but I also just think that it might be one of the most creative pictures I've ever taken.

This is actually one I took today and I love it. I went down to a local common since England has been having a spurt of nice weather so I took some books with me to take pictures and this is one of the best that I ended up with. I tried to get the book to stand up on the tree for a good 10 minutes probably and then in the end had to recruit my mum to stand just below the book incase it fell (I did NOT want this beauty to get damaged).

I just really love the way the black and white of the book look next to the coffee and the white of the mug. It's just a really satisfying picture for me to look at.

There are no caves or cave-like-things at the common that I went to but I found a pile of logs so I crawled into them (yes, I crawled into the logs) and took this picture. I think it looks really nice - I love the shadows and the feeling of adventure that it gives which completely suits the book in every way.

I love photographing my Throne of Glass books because they always look so gorgeous. My mum has white bed sheets and also the best lighting in the house in her bedroom so that is where most of my book photography gets done, but it also brings out the colours of these books so perfectly. The brightness of the room makes them look even more beautiful.

This isn't the best quality photograph - it was taken on my old phone and for some reason it ended up really grainy but I love the idea of it. I asked my friends to come along on a photoshoot with me in a gorgeous park near where I used to go to sixth form (it was November I think, and really rainy and cold) because I needed some pictures for my college work and as soon as I saw this bench I knew that I had to take the classic Hazel Grace/Gus Waters bench picture, so I did. I actually have this picture printed out and stuck on my bedroom wall because I love it so much.

I told you before - these books just photograph really well. I also noticed that the tag lines on each book makes a good blurb sort of thing. Anyway, these books are too gorgeous.


  1. OMG I just realized I don't follow you on instagram?! :o Need to change that right now, because these are some beautiful photos. The one of BLLB is sooo pretty, nature and books are a really great combination. Great job, love the idea behind this post :3

    1. you should change that asap ;)

      thank youuuuuuuu, Ale <3

  2. Ahhh, I love the feature you're doing because yay, visuals!

    I really like your Instagram photos, and I don't think I've come across half of these (I follow so many people that I tend to miss so many photos and make sure to visit people individually, but apparently I need to get better at doing that) Aaahhh, I love all of these, the first one is so creative and I wish my mind worked like that haha.

    I love the photos of Burn for Burn and Blue Lily, Lily Blue and ugh, I can never get nature to bend for me. I hate all the photos I take outside he he. I really love your Blue Lily, Lily Blue photo because it really reflects the atmosphere of the book y'know.

    I'm so obsessed with the cover of More Than This that I have to hold myself back from filling my feed with it. It's so damn gorgeous!

    The photo with your friend in it definitely looks like it belongs on tumblr. So vintage-y!

    The last photo is my favorite! I though I've taken ToG series photo from all the angles but this one's got me all 'whoa, pretty.'

    1. I rarely go on instagram anymore - I think I need to go through and unfollow some people because I just get annoyed when I scroll through my feed hahaha.

      Thank you! I tried so hard to find something that would suit Blue Lily because I really wanted to take a picture and this was the closest I found but I ended up really loving it so I'm glad you do too!

      I really wish I had the hardback of More Than This because the door makes it even more gorgeous but I'm a paperback kinda gal so I had to go without, but yes, I take so many pictures of it and then I remember that I've already posted about 3 so maybe I should have a bit of a break from that ;) (it's the same with Throne of Glass but I can't stop, won't stop posting those).

      Thank you!! I love that one so much. I had them stacked on top of each other and then I was thinking of ways that I could show the tag lines and then I was like WOAH I LIKE THIS.