Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Wrap Up

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I always like knowing what people have been up to, maybe it's curiosity or maybe I'm just nosy; either way here is what I've been doing in the month of September - for the nosy streak in all of us.

  • I met Rixton and Tristan from The Vamps - I went to a radio station in London hoping to meet 5 Seconds of Summer but instead the Vamps and a few other boy bands were there so I thought well hey, why not get a cheeky picture while I'm there.
  • I saw 5 Seconds of Summer at the iTunes Festival (the same day as above) and it turned out to be the best live show I've seen. Honestly - I'm probably a little biased - if you get the chance to go to a show of theirs, do it! They're incredible (the shows not the boys - although also the boys)
  • I started at my new college on an entirely new course (which was terrifying, but it's turning out to be pretty fun)
  • I've been reunited with a few friends and met a few more.
  • I saw the 1975 at Alexandra Palace and I almost fainted (no seriously - that hill is exhausting)

 the coincidence of callie and kayden: good reads fangirl: good reads

Its Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini: Books about depression and suicide and other mental illnesses always interest me - It's captivating to see whether it's going to be a hard-hitting book that makes you think about life or an uplifting one - this gem was both. It was witty in a way that only teenage narrators can pull off and to break up the humour there are a few moments that really choked me up but thats all part of the charm. Craig Gilner is fifteen years old and he's dealing with depression; it's a story that really hits home for me and I couldn't ask for Vizzini to have written a better book about it. 4.5/5 stars.
The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica  Sorensen: New Adult books are usually hit or miss. They can be fantastic and have you finishing the book before you even realise that you haven't left that seat for 5 hours. The Coincidence was exactly that. I enjoyed every word that Sorensen had written out and I soaked them up like a wet sponge. Don't be fooled going into this book: it might look like it's all romantic kisses in the rain but it's much more than that. It deals with issues such as self-harm, abuse and rape and still keeps all the steam locked in. If you like passion and hot make out sessions - this is a book for you. 4/5 stars.
The Redemption of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen: Despite the rating I gave this book, The Redemption really let me down. I was hoping that the sequel to The Coincidence would have me on the edge of my seat and gasping for more but it just left me feeling agitated and overwhelmed. The romance was irritating and I felt like it just kept repeating the same things over and over again that we'd already seen in The Coincidence. However, all I'm looking for in a New Adult book is steamy, intense romance and well: it delivered. 4/5 stars.
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (RE-READ): Fangirl is such an uplifting contemporary that makes me feel like I can read it over and over again and still finish it off with a smile on my face. Cath is my soul sister and Levi is probably my favourite book character to ever exist (okay - so that might be pushing it). If you're into cutesy, quirky romances with a strong female lead then this is a book you'd love. With lines such as 'are you rooting for me?', 'I choose you over everyone'  and if you throw a little bit of fanfiction into the mix; where can you go wrong? Trust me, after Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell certainly can't. 5/5 stars (again).

 switched: good reads torn: good reads

 Losing it by Cora Carmack: Steamy, passionate, sexy relationship? Check. Angsty, 'oops shouldn't have done that' drama? Check. Fall outs between friends over silly reasons? Check. College professor being in love with a student and her being in love back? Check - wait what?! Losing it is the perfect New Adult for someone who is either just testing the New-Adult-Genre waters or for someone who has had more experience in this book department. Complete with a smoking hot, english lit know-it-all, drama geek college professor. If you don't want a piece of that, well then, more for me. 4/5 stars.
Switched by Amanda Hocking: Switched is one of those books that is going great right up until the end. It was so entertaining and fast paced and the characters were great but the ending just fell flat for me. I felt like nothing had happened at all and the entire book just went around in one huge circle. I was confused and underwhelmed but I didn't let the last three pages of a book get in the way of the other 330*. It was still a great read and I'm glad I picked it up. 4/5 stars.
Torn by Amanda Hocking: The summary of this one is pretty much the same as Switched. It was entertaining and fun and I couldn't fault the writing, but I was hoping for a little something extra and I didn't get that. Hopefully in the last book! 4/5 stars.

  • The X Factor started up again this September which makes me extremely happy - It's a show I love to hate.
  • I started watching Bad Education with Jack Whitehall after I found out that this season was filmed in my old school.
  • The Equalizer was a great movie - very action packed, as expected.
  • I also watched Starred Up with one of my favourite actors.
  • I've been listening to a lot of the 1975 this month and just indie music in general.


  1. See, sometimes I just wish I lived in London so I could attend the iTunes Festival because THEY ALWAYS HAVE SUCH GREAT LINEUPS. I'm not really a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer but a lot of my friends are! They come to my city a few months ago for like a free concert or something in a parking lot and it was really crazy haha. I just know that one song She Looks So Perfect.

    Whoa, book twins. I read Fangirl in September as well and really liked it too! So so cute. I just want to read it all over again now.

    Oh, and I'm interested in Losing It! Like it's not something I'd usually gravitate to but it sounds so good, I've seen a lot of great reviews so it's definitely on my TBR.

    1. If you ever find yourself in London during September you should definitely check it out!!!! A few people I know from tumblr went to that gig! It was in Toronto right? I've always wanted to go to Canada - it's like my favourite place in the world and I've never even been.

      Losing It is really good! It's definitely worth checking out :)