Sunday, 7 May 2017

Into The Setting Sun Vol 1 + 2 by Oliver Baxxter

Sunday, 7 May 2017
Into The Setting Sun Vol 1+2 by Oliver Baxxter
A collection of poems, photographs, stories and advice collected and written while recording our second album and touring England.


Oliver Baxxter has quickly made his way to being one of my favourite people on planet earth. Now, that may sound like I'm getting ahead of myself - but just check out his band Broadside and you'll see what I mean. Talent oozes out of every inch of this guy, from his voice to his writing and heck his humour is pretty decent too. As soon as I saw that he was rereleasing his collection of poems, photographs and stories I knew that I needed to get it.

Into The Setting Sun is raw, beautifully put together and you can feel the heart that went into forming this book in every single word. It is a short book, at only 22 pages, but that doesn't mean it lacks any substance - in fact, there were many moments within the short read that I had to go back and read things multiple times, and each time left me feeling just as many emotions as the last. It covers themes from politics and anxieties to loss and handles them so beautifully well, and is so incredibly honest that at times it was difficult to read.

The photographs in this book are simply stunning, and dripping with the essence of humanity - he seems to capture emotions in still portraits in a way that I never have. I genuinely cannot rave enough about this book, I learned more about myself through this piece of art than I ever expected to, and Ollie's words are something everyone needs to read.

I know that this particular book isn't up for sale any more, unfortunately, but I believe volume 1 is available on iTunes for anyone who wants to read it - and I really recommend you do. You won't get a more genuine look at the importance and vitality of art anywhere else.

"Remove the hands, that built this land, make this country ____ again."


  1. Is it bad I don't know who Oliver Baxxter is? Or Broadside? Whoops. But don't worry, I did Google them and totally understand your love.

    I do like things like this, and wish my favorite artists would've done this when I was younger instead of being limited to third-party produced biographies and whatnot. It's lovely when you really like an artist to be able to get behind the scenes glimpses of what inspires them and who they are beyond their art. It sounds like this one was masterfully done, which makes it even more special. I'm glad you were able to get a copy while it was still available. x

    1. I'm glad you understand! It is really interesting to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes and to get to see deeper than what the band themselves choose to project. Thank you for the comment! x