Thursday, 27 October 2016

Spoopy Week Day Two: Character's Halloween Outfits

Thursday, 27 October 2016
We've all imagined what our characters would do in terms of celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and we've seen a few celebrating their birthdays, but I've not seen anyone talk about which characters would be a Halloqueen so I'm here to push that along. Mostly, I just want to think about my faves in Halloween costumes.

I wasn't going to kick this post off talking about Aelin but I don't think there's anywhere else to start off really. We all know that Aelin would love Halloween, and she would kick ASS at costuming. I don't think she'd go for something standard either. No witches, grim reaper's or zombies here my friend. And if she did go for a zombie, she'd go hardcore. I'm talking latex, false blood, destroying her own clothes, maybe even eating a few people for dramatic effect. Either that or she'd (again) completely alter her face with latex and cotton wool and false blood and go as a killer pumpkin or something. There is no holding back when it comes to Aelin and Halloween. Dorian would love Halloween, and he'd dress up but he wouldn't take it as seriously as Aelin. Dorian would go as Dracula every year. Every. Year. And then there is Chaol and Rowan in the corner of the party being spoilsports and asking when it's time to go home. Aelin would beg them to dress up but they'd only go as far as false vampire teeth and a ripped shirt between them.

Now there's the Raven Cycle squad. I could totally see them all dressing as characters from Stranger Things. Noah would have to be Blue, of course. Or if they weren't doing squad costumes Adam would try to make one of those costumes that tries to be witty but just fails miserably. And Ronan would be next to him the entire time, rolling his eyes and having to explain the costume over and over while Adam is bent over in fits of laughter. Maybe Ronan would dress himself up, if he could be bothered, but he would always, always get Chainsaw a costume.

Cath, Levi, Wren and Reagan would all go dressed as characters from Simon Snow. Don't fight me on this. Cath and Wren would do it anyway, and Levi would play along because he finds Cath so damn adorable when she does it and always wants to try his best to live up to her Baz. Reagan wouldn't want to do it, and every year they'd all argue about it for days but eventually Reagan would give in (after being told that if she didn't dress up at all, that she would be allowed into the party, and she might as well go along with the group costume).

And then there's Vampire Academy. Rose would for sure dress as a vampire, or a sexy vampire, just to be witty and she'd love every second of it, and Lissa would dress up as something pretty. An angel or a princess or something, much to the annoyance of Rose who firmly believed that Halloween was for dressing up as something scary - even if you didn't look scary. Dimitri wouldn't dress up, in fact, he wouldn't even change out of his training clothes. "We need to think practically, Rose" he would say to her complaints. Would Christian even show up to the party? Probably not. He'd be in his room, or the library researching or reading. What a guy. Never changes for anyone. I love Christian.


  1. This post is adorable, Natalie. I've never seen anyone write about characters dressing up for Halloween, and I'm pretty sure you nailed it.

    I can totally see Ronan not dressing up, but when people ask him what he's dressed as, he would say something utterly ridiculous like a dead poet from the 50s that no one has ever heard of.

    As for Gansey, I am 100% headcanoning that he loved Pokemon as a child and thus would dress up as Ash. And try and persuade Blue to be Misty. And fail, of course. But Noah would go as Pikachu, sweet doll that he is. Just to make Gansey happy. OH AND WHAT IS RONAN WENT AS BROCK OMG.

    Look at what you've created.

    1. oh my god I'm so glad you liked this post - it was definitely the post I've been most excited for in a long while!

      And yes totally! He'd go around telling people he's Hemmingway or something.