Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Very Belated Birthday

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I'm officially the worst blogger in the world. Recently the blog hit it's 2nd birthday and instead of being on here to celebrate it, I was out in the world going through a pretty hard slump of, well, just about everything. I don't want this post to be something negative about how slumps suck and I don't want it to be full of false promises saying that I will be on here a whole lot more often so instead I'm just going to talk about this past year of blogging.

One thing I wanted to do was to start writing more reviews, and I think it's safe to say that I've done just that. Now by no means is my blog overflowing with reviews because they still aren't fun for me to write, but in the past year I've written 12 reviews, which averages at about 1 review a month. This still isn't anywhere near where I want to be on terms of reviewing, but it's a step in the right direction for me and I'm pretty pleased with that number.

I've also taken a step to writing more personal posts on here, which is something that I take pride in. There's nothing worse than reading somebodies blog and not having a single idea of who they are and what they care about, so I'm really happy to think that you guys will have a bit more of a glimpse into my life outside of books with these posts, even though they don't get nearly enough views (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Two things I mentioned in my last birthday post are that I managed to reach 8194 page views and 268 comments, however a year later and I'm elated to say that those numbers have increased exponentially with 85,094 page views and 730 comments which is absolutely insane for me to think about. Last year I didn't even think I would reach 10,000 reads, and I am so proud of my little blog.

I also mentioned that I wanted to change the layout of the blog in order to fit the content and myself as a blogger. Well, I finally took the leap and I absolutely adore it. Everything looks so much sleeker now and I truly feel like I have the freedom to create what I want with the platform to support it.

Last year I didn't give myself any goals to reach, but as I head toward my 3rd birthday I'd like to give myself some motivation to keep going and keep writing what I love, I'll reflect on this in a years time and hopefully we would have reached them all.
-Reach 100,000 page views.
-Post 24 reviews (average 2 per month)
-Keep up with posting consistently
-Never post something I'm not proud of

Thank you guys so much for sticking around here, leaving comments and pushing me to keep going. I appreciate it more than I say. Two years ago I started flowersinmybooks because a) I was bored and b) I wanted something to write on my university applications to help differentiate me from some of the other applications and now this place is my prize possession and I'm off to university in 10 days. It's crazy how things work out sometimes.


  1. happy second blog birthday natalie!! it's weird that it's been two years because it doesn't feel like it - to me, it's like i've been reading your blog for way longer! yours is still one i check regularly so it makes me happy that you've been going strong for two years already. here's to a third and hopefully many more! xoxo