Friday, 25 March 2016

On Rowan and Chaol and How It's Not A Love Triangle

Friday, 25 March 2016

We all know love triangles, we've all heard of them, we've all read them and we've all probably been extremely frustrated by them. The 'Love Triangle' trope is something that is overplayed, usually quite silly and, hell, it just doesn't happen in real life, like ever.

In case you've been living under a rock or just have a very good sense at avoiding things with love triangles (in which case, teach me) here are a few examples of infuriating ones: Lucas/Riley/Maya - Girl Meets World, Jacob/Bella/Edward - Twilight, Jem/Will/Tessa - The Infernal Devices. However, there is one love triangle that isn't actually much of a love triangle and I'm going to share it with you.

The one, the only, Throne of Glass series.

Now, at first there was the Dorian/Aelin/Chaol triangle and that was a whole different story. I, with all of my little heart, wanted Aelin and Chaol to rise up and be the couple that I always knew they could be, and then Rowan came along and it wasn't so much a love triangle anymore as a respectable Rowan just winning everything, all the time, ever. But in my heart Chaol was still a contender (for Aelin's romantic love) right up until Queen of Shadows and so for all intents and purposes I'm going to count it as a non-love triangle (for one, beautiful, beautiful book).

I'm going to just come out with it, no more easing in, mostly because it's bound to get too complicated and I'll forget where I was headed so I'd rather get to the point. Rowan and Chaol will always compete with eachother, whether it's for Aelin, whether it's for top spot in my heart, whether it's just because they want to, but they both will always have Aelin's heart.

Chaol was messy, it was messy and complicated and he was an asshole and she was an asshole and it would never have worked but they were still so good for each other. I truly believe that Chaol was an extreme part of Aelin's development and realisation as she blossomed into the Queen she is today. Just as Aelin was a huge part in Chaol realising what he needed to do. They aren't romantic anymore, their relationship might not necessarily be canon but Aelin will always love him, and Chaol will always love her, and they will fight like cats and dogs but at the end of the day cats and dogs are only kittens and puppies and everyone knows kittens and puppies are at their best when they're fighting together.

Rowan, on the other hand, they're made for each other. There isn't much I can say because it's basically the same as Chaol (fighting, arguing, sass, extreme character growth together) but with Rowan it's just completely different. And as much as I adore Chaol and I love seeing him and Aelin on the same page together, I will admit that Rowan is just right for her, much like kittens trying to fit in cups. 

So what else can I say? Both Rowan and Chaol have a place in Aelin's heart, both Rowan and Chaol test her character and her strength constantly but only one has tons of cute images on google (Therefore, the triangle does not exist. It's more of a circle, actually).


  1. Your comparisons to kitties and puppies and the photos make this post the best ever. SO CUTE WHAT EVEN.

    I don't think it's a love triangle, either. Not anymore. Because Aelin isn't ACTIVELY in love with Chaol anymore. Like you, I think that there will always be a part of her in love with him, because they changed each other and their relationship was never really resolved. But she is in love with Rowan.

    And Rowan and Chaol aren't both vying for her love because it's Rowan. Rowan is in love with Aelin, and Aelin is in love with Rowan. Chaol isn't in love with Aelin anymore, so whatever fighting is going on between them is vestigial at best, and testosterone at worst.

    1. YES YES TO ALL OF THIS! (I've constructed 5 possible replies to this comment and all of them end with me going on a complete tangent so I'll stick with this, short and sweet).