Tuesday, 6 January 2015

December Wrap Up

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

December was a month of many celebrations. We had Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. Needless to say it's been a busy month between finishing off classwork, preparations for the holidays and apparently camping outside of places waiting for a certain band to show up. Yep, it's been full of sleepless nights on all accounts.

  • In the first few days of December a few friends and I went to a local park so that I could shoot one of them with some of my books for a unit that I had to do for my college media work. It was a really cute evening and since we had to meet after they had finished school the sun was setting which was really beautiful even though it was FREEZING. Damn English weather. But, it was a really fun time and I got to hang with some of my friends that I don't see very often any more since I don't go to the same sixth form as them any more. 
  • For quite a bit of December I was still at school since we hadn't broken up for the break yet so two weeks was just me rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get all my work finished.
  • This is when it gets interesting (for me anyway). 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) came back to London. They hadn't been back since September! They'd been in Aus and L.A. for AGES! I hadn' met red haired Michael! All of these seemed reason enough that I. Needed. To. Meet. Them. So I did.
  • I'm trying not to turn this into 5,000 points but that's going to be hard for me to do. 
  • I rounded up some of my friends and asked what they were going to do. I met up with one of my friends and we sat in my house and giggled until 4am and we needed to leave. Then we made our way to Heathrow airport. After HOURS of waiting, we found out that the little rascals had gone out of the back entrance sans one member. Can you guess who? Michael! My favourite! The little shit had only lost his passport! What an idiot!
  • The night of the airport incident (Sunday) my friend sent me a text to tell me that 5SOS were going to be at a radio station on Tuesday morning. Of course this meant sleeping (not actually sleeping) outside at night in December with no shops and no toilets. Of course I did it anyway, I mean I'm not one to give up on a mission. It paid off in the end though. After a night of freezing and annoying other campers with a rather passionate game of Heads Up at 3am, I got to meet the same band who had kept me awake for two nights in a row. Then it was time for a very delirious, very cold Natalie to go into college. Yeah. I know.

  • Then a few weeks later on the 16th of December it was time to see my sister off to India. Some of you may have realised, it may have not even occurred to others but I didn't go along with them. I'd been feeling very anxious about it all and it was making me ill just thinking about going so I spoke to my parents and in the end I didn't go. It was a huge relief and I was able to enjoy to Christmas break without any (much) anxiety. Alas, my sister had a lovely time and she says that it was such an eye opening experience! 
  • This means that I had my mum to myself for a few weeks and she refused to let me sit at home all Christmas and watch Gossip Girl as I had planned to do so she dragged me out to do some activities. We went to the Christmas festival/market at Southbank where we saw the most beautiful sunset over Big Ben and of course I had to get a picture. There is a stall at Southbank that sells used books and I couldn't leave without having a browse so my mum treated me to a few books as well.
  • After that came Christmas and the celebrations of the holidays and it all passed in a blur! I had such a lovely December/Christmas season with my family and friends and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares: I found this book a cute and a quick read although annoyingly pretentious at times. It's a perfect story to read throughout the Christmas season and I think it would be a brilliant fit for lovers of contemporary. 4/5 stars.
Girl Online: I adored this book! I read it super quickly and I loved how Zoe/the Ghostwriter dealt with panic attacks and the feeling of anxiety. The romance was cute and although I expected the twist I still really enjoyed it. 4/5 stars.
Crash Into You: I loved this book so incredibly much. In my opinion it was so much better than Dare You To and I loved that fact that Noah and Echo were featured in this book a lot more than they were in the previous book. I loved the romance, I loved the drama, I loved the family relationships. I loved it all. 5/5 stars.

  • I watched the Holiday for the umpteenth time this year. Love that movie. Probably one of my favourite Christmas movies EVER.
  • If I said the Holiday was one of my favourite Christmas movies EVER then Love Actually is my favourite Christmas movie EVER.
  • The Grinch comes in at 4th.
  • All of the Home Alone movies in at a close 3rd.
  • Gossip Girl took over my life. I'm not even kidding. Literally, it's all I've been watching.
  • I went to see the Paddington movie and it was ADORABLE. It was so cute and funny I can't wait til' it comes out on DVD so I can buy it and watch it whenever I'm in the mood for a good laugh.

"I've decided that I'm not going to try and squeeze myself into a friendship that hurts me anymore. I'm going to let her go and just be friends with people who make me feel good about myself" - Girl Online

In the last month of 2014 I posted my November Wrap Up. I announced that I was taking part in the Fairytale Retelling Challenge, I then told you guys about some other challenges that I'll be doing during 2015. I did TWO tags - one of the bedtime variety and one about the seven deadly sins. I posted my very first book playlist titled 'you're my favourite person of all time' filled with songs that remind me of Eleanor and Park. I took part in my first TTT and wrote a wishlist to Santa. I showed you guys some of the beautiful books that I've recieved/bought recently. And last but not least, I wrote you guys a letter explaining some of my blogging resolutions.

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  1. I'm really happy I finally watched The Holiday, hello new favorite Christmas movie, you'll be added to the list of movies I watch every year :D Love Actually is also perfection and I adore The Grinch. Seems like you had a nice December, catching up with friends is the best thing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's such a great feel good Christmas movie :) Love it!

  2. Love Actually is so good!! I really should have read Dash and Lily, I don't know why I didn't... And I think I should watch Gossip Girl! It sounds like you had a great Christmas :)

    1. I think Love Actually is an all around favourite! It's a good book, albeit a little pretentious but then we all loved Gus Waters right?